FAQs About Shakticoin & Mining Application

What is shakticoin? What are the features of shakticoin?

Shakti Coin is the world’s most practical cryptocurrency. That’s because it was designed to serve the needs of ordinary people. We’ve made it easy, immediate, and inexpensive to use. It’s also based on a new protocol called Proof-of-Effort (PoE). PoE rewards parents, children, and communities that support education. In a very real sense, every Shakti Coin mined represents an investment in humanity’s intellectual capital.

Features :

  1. Stable value
  2. Pegged to the USD
  3. New protocol
  4. Wallet-to-Wallet transfers
  5. 10K Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  6. Democratized mining
  7. Legally compliant
  8. Negligible energy consumption
  9. Blockchain security
  10. Backed by global human capital

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